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one of my favorite things to do is to go to a record store (or thrift store or anywhere that has records) and search for interesting LPs. there are many records that i would love to find by digging through questionable bins, but none more so than a record by mingering mike.

between the late 60s to the late 70s, mingering mike created fake records with full track lists and intricately crafted album covers. though these fake records did not contain the music of mingering mike, the care and effort put into the creation of each disc has made these records special in its own way. recently, these record findings have been compiled into a book and have been covered by various media outlets. i would love to one day come across an original mingering mike record so i can see for myself, the creativity and heart of a fictional soul legend. check out the website to see the extensive catalog (there is even an awesome bruce lee tribute album).

(picture from All Things Mingering)

allen wrote a song for his godson. we recorded it last week at my house. it’s called “sleepy eyes” and it’s pretty great. special thanks to evita for lending her beautiful vocals. it seems like allen is going to make a good godfather.

Nessy with Evita – Sleepy Eye (mp3)

BEST SPORTS MASCOT: Peter the Anteater

UC Irvine’s anteater mascot is the laziest, mopiest, most indifferent-looking mascot we’ve seen in OC. In short: He’s perfect for college. With a look of glazed insouciance, the usually yellow-hued cartoon anteater, known as Peter the Anteater, is captured in midstride on all official university vehicles. But there are two actual Peter costumes floating around. One is tough, with angular, raccoony eyes and a mostly black-and-gray colo scheme; it’s this one that’s reserved for games. The second sports sunglasses and a huge-yet-creepy grin – and is usually seen wandering Ring Road (the campus’ main drag of sorts) to promote something or another, encasing a poor Student Assciation member stuck with the job of peering out from behind the teeth.

Sure, Peter the Anteater’s not tough like a Bruin, Neptune, or Trojan, and he’s not quite as quirky as the Banana Slug, but Peter the Anteater says, “Zot”which is supposed to be the sound anteaters make when they lick up ants. Fight on, wha?

(Quick excerpt from the OC Weekly’s annual “Best of OC” issue, p.70)

facial expressions say so much. even though they can be voluntary, they often times slip between the cracks of one’s self consciousness. when something is sour or bitter, the face will usually reflect this distaste. and when something makes you happy or rubs you the wrong way, that emotion is conveyed. we all try to keep some facial expressions at bay as per etiquette or politeness, but we are no robots. here are two rather recent music videos that use facial expression as the main and sole concept.

1) cursive – big bang

2) blonde redhead – the dress

(it’s been brought to my attention that this concept has been done before by Godley and Creme or even Nick Cave, who i should add is an amazing artist, but this blonde redhead video is just so damn sad).

apologies to the queen mary and for the lack of updates for the past week. here are a few topics i plan on posting within the week:

Chicago: Why You Should Go

Kanye West’s Graduation

New Song?


Que Onda?

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