Andrea had a twin sister. This i had not asked but rather was told. It was one of the first things I learned about her. Her name came two facts after her eager confession. Carly was born four minutes after Andrea at Shore Memorial Hospital in New Jersey. That was fact two, immediately following fact one which was a direct answer to my question, “where are you from?” New Jersey was the short answer but the long answer was, “the East Coast. New Jersey. Well, technically New Jersey. I grew up in Jersey and went to school in New York but then I went back. And then I came here.” I had never been to the East Coast, though I’ve always said I would go soon. And So I told her, as I usually would in said conversation with an East Coaster. To this, she went into the previously mentioned fact two. Andrea (and most likely Carly) had straight, dark brown hair and even darker brown eyes I liked her eyebrows because they were thicker than most girls. I almost told her this but I didn’t want her to think I was being rude. Such things can happen. Andy, as she liked to be called, had finally lit the cigarette she had been holding and took a deliberate drag while I laughed to myself about whether I should mention her eyebrows for conversations sake. Had she asked me what was so funny, I would have told her but she didn’t.

“Did your parents think you guys were going to be boys?”

I thought I was being pretty smart. Andy and Carly. Could be boys or girls. Andy said no, that they were named after their grand parents. She offered a cigarette but I could tell she didn’t really want me to take it. I wouldn’t have anyway and I didn’t. I learned that Carly was named after grandma Carol and that Andy was named after grandpa Andrew. Carly goes by Carly because Andy thinks that only old people are named Carol. I was convinced. I asked if as twins, the two were similar or opposites. She said both. Carly likes to read and stay home; Andy doesn’t.

“But we still think the same things and feel the same things.  Like, we can feel how the other is feeling, even when she’s still in Jersey and I’m over here. When I just moved here and I didn’t know where I was going, I got really upset right? Angry yes, but more frustrated.  Then, out of no where, she texted me and asked me if I was okay.  As if she some how knew!”

I felt her example was some what weak but I humored her because I understood what she was trying to say.

“Yeah, it’s a twin thing.”

She finished her cigarette and fixed her hair.

“Do you have a twin?”

No, but if I did, he would probably look a lot like me.

“That’s too bad. I love my sister.”

I thought out loud; what if I did have a twin. Would that mean I would be like, separated into extremes with one being more outgoing and the other being more shy, or would I just be either the outgoing one or the shy one?

Andy sat up.

“I think you’d be the shy one.”