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if you had told me back in 96 that there would ever be a song about the NBA’s most stylish crew cut enthusiast, Detlef Schrempf, I would not have believed you. but alas, the universe works in mysterious ways. the new Band of Horses album, Cease to Begin features a song titled, “Detlef Schrempf.” unless “Detlef Schrempf” is the German equivalent of John Smith, it is likely that the song is about the Seattle SuperSonic. You can listen to the track on NPR’s Song of the Day. Soon enough, there will be a song titled, Tony Kukoc.


Also check out “No One’s Gonna Love You” from said album. It contains one of my favorite lines for a chorus.

Rinko Kawauchi – photographer, often works in 6×6 format, takes modest yet vibrant, subtle but resonant photos. there are a couple pages of some of her photos in Lula Magazine (Issue #5) so check it out at a book store near you if you can. it’s surprisingly hard to find her pictures online, so here are a few links with sample pics (the one of the hatching egg is one of my favorites):


Interview: Rinko Kawauchi



Rinko Kawauchi (@designboom)

another instrumental song.

Monday (mp3)

i had some cherry cola at del taco today. it’s been a while since i’ve had the cherry cola at del taco, as i’ve been drinking a whole lot of iced teas and arnold palmers instead of carbonated soda pops. everybody knows that del taco has the best fountain cherry coke, but that’s beside the point.

the point is, the taste of cherry cola brought a flood of memories back to me by way of gustatory stimulation; of being in high school and enjoying senior privileges to run off at lunch, of racing the clock to make it back in time for spanish, of ciampi’s alpine, of days in between aisles of non fiction at the library, of sparkling optimism in the face of whitman, of chief and the laughing man, of bobby fischer, of mrs. conrad and her cardigans, of the walk through the jungle on the eve of your first when i think i actually might have known, of japanese exchange students, of guero, of warm quilt blankets, of forest green, of the night that was the beginning of what has now ended. and through it all, my fits have become yours. all this from cherry cola.

here are some found notes from the first compiled volume of Found. if you’re not familiar with the project, Found is a collection of submitted memorabilia (notes, ticket stubs, pictures, trash, etc) that offers “…a fascinating glimpse into the wackier depths of america’s collective subconscious.” there is a website that is constantly updated as well as multiple volumes of compiled finds. i’ve been in the habit of picking up these sorts of odd notes for a while. at any rate, i found the first note to be quite ballsy and the second to be of great comfort.



(“Aaron’s Algebra Test”, from Portland, ME)


(“Reminder” from Cambridge, MA: This note was taped outside the turnstiles of the Central Square T stop in Cambridge Mass this morning (7/1/03)… it made me, and all the people getting off the train behind me, smile. -G. Ames)

Que Onda?

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