here are some found notes from the first compiled volume of Found. if you’re not familiar with the project, Found is a collection of submitted memorabilia (notes, ticket stubs, pictures, trash, etc) that offers “…a fascinating glimpse into the wackier depths of america’s collective subconscious.” there is a website that is constantly updated as well as multiple volumes of compiled finds. i’ve been in the habit of picking up these sorts of odd notes for a while. at any rate, i found the first note to be quite ballsy and the second to be of great comfort.



(“Aaron’s Algebra Test”, from Portland, ME)


(“Reminder” from Cambridge, MA: This note was taped outside the turnstiles of the Central Square T stop in Cambridge Mass this morning (7/1/03)… it made me, and all the people getting off the train behind me, smile. -G. Ames)