American Teen is a very fun documentary about a group of graduating high school seniors from Warsaw, Indiana.  now, i realize that “very fun” might be a misleading descriptor since the film is not without its tender and emotional moments, but i felt that “very fun” would be appropriate  because the film truly makes you walk down memory lane; being a teenager is something everyone who has ever been a teenager can relate with.

we all know these kids: the jock, the heart throb, the princess, the geek, the rebel. we were these kids. we are these kids. college is the time of your life, but the time you had as a teenager really is something special too.  you just live, man. it made me think about how i used to be. how i thought i used to be. who i thought i would be, and who i thought i would want to be. all these me’s exist together, but it’s hard to tell which one is really the one that is here typing today.

all the kids are nice kids, but my favorites were hannah (the rebel) and jake (the geek).  the film is out in limited theaters, so if you have a chance, check it out (trailer). speaking of john hughes…