i love the olympics. i’m usually super excited about the games, but given the conflict with tibet and the recent environmental woes of the host nation, it’s been harder to get into. still, i’m hopeful that the games will offer the athletes and viewers the same rewarding experience it has in the past. on that note though, another example of politics at the olympics

the chinese government revokes the visa of former olympic gold medalist and Team Darfur co-founder, Joey Cheek. no reason has been given by the chinese government for the revoked visa, but Cheek’s involvement in raising awareness for the darfur crisis is believed to be at play (Source: NPR).

while cheek’s revoked visa is a setback, Team Darfur did get a great honor with Lopez Lomong being chosen to carry the U.S. team flag at the opening ceramony. Lomong is one of the lost boys of Sudan and will be representing the U.S. olympic team and Team Darfur at Beijing (Source: ESPN).

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