Xinhua/Li Yong

the beijing olympics are over. now what am i supposed to do with my time? i haven’t been posting much about the games since the 400m relay because i didn’t think i would be able to comment on all of the many memorable moments with appropriate detail. but let me tell you, the tv has been on the olympics for two weeks straight.

some criticism has been pointed towards nbc that not enough attention was given to the less than favorable political stories involving beijing (detained and deported foreign press). though that may be true, the selective process of the media has long been a problem of american press and is not something unique to the coverage of the games. and it’s important to remember that the olympics are about the athletes.

swimming, gymnastics, track and field, diving; so many great moments. to see an ecstatic redeem team beam for their gold medals was great. guo jingjing. great. usain bolt. nuts. marathons. nuts. rhythmic gymnastics. actually pretty crazy. phelps and his 8 gold medals. nuts and crazy. opening ceremonies. still astounding. moments of triumph are great, but moments of heartache are equally if not more compelling. bob costas couldn’t have said it better:

“But beyond the medal podium, the Olympics remain a human panorama with many also ran finishes and first round eliminations, nonetheless representing epic personal stories, only appreciated by the participants themselves and their families, friends and countrymen.”

anyways, i’m blabbing on again. in summation, my love for the olympics have been reconfirmed. thank you athletes. london!