sorry guys. anne, bill, carl, and david aren’t available. lucky for you, klosnik, londi, manley, neri, osata, and poirier are. if you were to hang out with manley and her possey, you will automatically be cooler by association.


i am super excited for this test to be over so i can get on with my life. things that i want to do after the test:

make mini comics//make music//bake a cheddar apple pie//eat that pie//photography with new dslr//paint//start found art project//zine//gym//ping pong//go skating//play coffee house shows//perform music in another state//submit art to galleries//go to alabama//go to the bay area//have social interactions with other human beings//READ//hang out with manley and or klosnik//the monster mash//go camping//pop, maybe lock//the hustle//watch jeopardy//eat pizza//stop using double slashes to indicate a new subject