a lot of people give kanye a hard time for proclaiming his own greatness but honestly to the world he’s addressing, yeezy can make whatever claim he wants. why shouldn’t he? i’m not going to write a review of the album (who cares what i think) but here are a few reasons why 808s and heartbreak is a success:

1) kanye set out to make an album, and he did. the record has a distinct continuity in style and theme. my general thoughts on auto tune is that it should have stayed just with cher, but i’m okay with his explanation that he wanted a distinct sonic record. he had something in mind.

2) simple but sonically functional choices like the tribal wailing in songs like “love lockdown.” what is that? and that fresh synth on “paranoid.” for some reason i think of lionel richie and the o’jays with a fog machine.

3) “street lights.” this song alone justifies 808s and heartbreak‘s existence. truly great.