Main Point: I lost my phone so I need your phone number!

Details:  I purchased a new phone today because I lost my old one at Disneyland over the weekend. My guess is that it fell out of my coat pocket on Space Mountain. That’s right, friends. I lost my cell phone in space.


It’s customary to fill out a “Lost Cell Phone” sheet at the Lost and Found Center so that in the case that missing phones are located, they can be efficiently returned to their owners. The form I filled out looked something like this:

Lost Cell Phone Sheet

Location Lost: Tomorrowland, most likely on Space Mountain
Cell Phone Company: Verizon White Chocolate (slider) LG
Cell Phone Type: Verizon White Chocolate, Slider-Type
Service Provider: Verizon
Color: White
Wallpaper Image: A picture of a cat with the words, “Hang In There!”
Additional Information: There is a personalized label on the back that says, “Phone.”

What one can learn from reading this:

-I am too anxious to give out information before it is asked for.
-I put redundant information on my phone via a label maker.

I waited 2 days, thinking perhaps that a good Samaritan may have dropped off my phone at the Lost and Found Center. However, when I called my own phone to check its where abouts, I heard this:

“Please enjoy some music while we process your call (“Closer” by Ne-Yo).”

Hey wait a second, I never bought a ring-back tone by Ne-Yo! (crosses arms)

Conclusion: Time for a new phone!