End of the Year List: Comic Books
(criteria: personal favorites of books released in 2008)

omegahc batmanrip rogues
palomar ganges2 secretsix

>>Best Book

Omega the Unknown – Jonathan Lethem and Farel Dalrymple; I’m still trying to figure out the subtext.

>>Most Unclear Ending

Batman R.I.P. – the supposed end of Batman by way of Bruce Wayne. At the end of the arc though, we’re left with a helicopter explosion and no real answers.* RIP was fun however, thanks to Morrison’s insistence on bringing back odd lore like Zur En Arrh and the Club of Heroes.

>>Best Final Crisis Tie-In

Final Crisis: Rogues’ Revenge – The Rogues are great characters.

>>Best New Tales from Old Places

New Tales of Old Palomar – Gilbert Hernandez; Tales of happier times are nice.

>>Other Favorite

Ganges #2 – Kevin Huizenga
Secret Six

>>Most Invested Series

Final Crisis. As of December 2008, the series is at 5 of 7. Still rooting for it. Hopefully there will be more Super Young Team. I also hope that Libra isn’t a chump.

>>Coming In 2009


– New Justice League by James Robinson; Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Ray Palmer (Atom), Supergirl, Batwoman, Starman (Mikaal Thomas), and CONGORILLA.
Battle for the Cowl.
– Conclusion of Final Crisis.

*Morrison has stated that the true ending would be revealed in Final Crisis #6 (which makes me argue that writing “Conclusion” on Batman #681 is a bit misleading).