Indie 103.1 has gone off the air. In between punk renditions of “My Way,” the airwaves previously occupied on 103.1 FM announced that Indie 103.1 on the radio was no longer. It’s very strange to hear news on radio bulletins in this day and age. It feels like there is a strange sense of urgency, in that Alien Invasion B-Movie sort of way.

Though I’m not sure exactly how large a share Britney and Puffy actually hold in 2009 (10% at most), this is unfortunate news. It is quite telling of the difficulties in providing funds for interests that stray from the mainstream. What is the best way to keep special interest on the air? Was Indie’s programming really a special interest? Will Jonesey be all right? Are there other ways to support a program than gathering through donation drives? Is money the final word? Should I start donating to KCRW?

I wish 103.1 the best of luck with their new home on the internet.