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illustration that i drew. follow your dreams and don’t let anyone tell you to give it up. BE A DREAMER!

i am not too old to order a star wars key chain from the lego store.
9:28 AM Feb 3rd from web

45 years ago today, The Beatles arrive at JFK International Airport to begin their first tour of the United States.
10:32 AM Feb 7th from web

cutting my hair via scissors.
8:05 PM Feb 9th from web

do you guys like apple sauce? it rocks.
7:17 PM Feb 10th from web

freaking zip codes, maan.
8:50 PM Feb 10th from web

Kids traded valentine’s day cards at skoo today. So fun!
5:54 PM Feb 12th from twitterrific

my clothes smells like subway bread.
5:20 PM Feb 13th from txt

long drive coming up. good food hopefully on the road?
7:34 AM Feb 14th from web

ethiopian food at cafe calucci was delicious
2:52 PM Feb 15th from txt

catsup day catsup day
4:05 PM Feb 21st from web

bring back the oscar party, billy
5:54 PM Feb 22nd from txt

no time! there’s never any time! by jessie spano
10:30 AM Feb 25th from web

Gonna go pump some iron. Fe.
8:39 PM Feb 25th from web

i’m watching the watchmen (via next week, via head start on a soon to be frequent status update)
11:32 AM Feb 26th from web

the five dollar footlong saved my life.
11:45 AM Feb 27th from web
that’s what she said.
11:45 AM Feb 27th from web

going to go recreate an U2 album cover
7:22 AM Feb 28th from web




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