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on this past labor day weekend, alicia and i met up with mariel to have a hot night out in los angeles.

Cha Cha Lounge
2375 glendale blvd. Los Angeles, CA



 the theme at the cha cha lounge is eclectic at best. a lifesize cut out of willie nelson tips his hat approvingly when you first walk in. walls are covered in murals of partying luchadores and the ceiling is adorned with hanging sombreros; it’s as if every night is the dia de los muertos. the whole bar is lit with red lights and random disco balls to give a casual, moody ambiance.

there are a couple things that distinguishes the cha cha lounge from other bars. the first of them would be the foosball tables. a recent best-of issue of the los angeles magazine listed the lounge as “best foosball.” suprisingly though, the foosball tables weren’t as central as one would expect. but should the moment demand some intense foosing, the option is available.

a second distinct feature is the random vending machine in the bar. the items inside the machine include unusual items like t-shirts, stickers, tampons, japanese chocolate snacks, and YO! MTV RAPS cards. we found a pack of the last item on an abondonned table; the deck included authentic 90s trading cards of chuck d, daddy-o, l.l. cool j, and even fab five freddy.

and finally, the cha cha lounge has a photo booth. the photo booth is perfect to remember your night by, spontaneous and nostalgic. we took two sets of pictures at the booth and they turned out to be great souvenirs.

one thing the lounge lacked was proper air conditioning, but i guess this can’t be helped on a 106 degree evening. all in all, the cha cha lounge is a fun place that’s a bit different in the usual l.a. scene. walking away with YO! MTV RAP cards and photo booth pictures will surely make the evening great.

Kings Road Cafe
8361 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles, CA

image from target website

after watching “american psycho” on tv and eating late night mr. pizza, we went to breakfast at the kings road cafe on the corner of beverly and kings. we decided to sit in doors because we couldn’t hang with the heat. while we were waiting, alicia noticed famke jannsen having breakfast with some guy. i also noticed common leave the cafe and enter his range rover on the opposite side of the street. and finally, we saw jane lynch saying bye to friends. what are the odds. the food was pretty good.

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