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a few points concerning the politics of elections (if opinions on politics bore/annoy you, just skip to my post about the aggro crag. also, i’m no political expert, just thinking out loud):

in comparison to elections in the past, it certainly seems as if the media is taking greater interest in the lives of the considered candidates. which of course is nothing new, but seeing sarah palin on the cover of every US Weekly or OK Magazine based on stories not about her politics but rather her pregnant daughter is a bit unnerving and it is this sensationalized and misguided manifestation of interest that concerns me.

the media is totally a crucial machine, easily swaying public opinion with contradictory stories of which the true story is never agreed upon. it’s almost impossible to get a clear, unbiased story. it’s great that more people that would otherwise not have been involved are interested in the electoral process, but i’m worried that these votes would be grossly misinformed because of the media.

in regards to the recent controversy surrounding obama’s “lipstick on a pig” comments, i would be inclined to agree that it is indeed a folksy term taken out of context used to apply as an sexist remark. republican vice president dick cheney has used the term in the past, as has mccain himself in regards to hillary clinton’s healthcare plan. though not the most timely choice of phrasing, it would seem unfair to attack obama for the usage of this phrase.

in regards to the notion that obama be elected solely based on affirmative action-like principles, it should be noted that such action would in no way suffice as an appeasement for past inequality. the race issue is not as simple as being corrected by electing an african american president. it could be a push in the right direction, but it doesn’t simply correct the issue.

on a side note, i’m still puzzled about palin’s vp nomination. (alleged) scandals, political stances contradictory to mccain (earmark spending on the Bridge to Nowhere), no impressive record of experience. perhaps i’m misinformed as well. i don’t completely agree on sexism being employed, but i do think that it’s nobody’s business that her daughter is pregnant. no sense in bringing stress to kids.

in the end though, i guess all of the media attention means that these politicians are resonating as three dimensional persons worth investing interest in. obama the revolutionary, mccain the ‘maverick’ former POW, palin the pitbull with lipstick, and joe biden. if the political buzz is any indication, it seems as though the media is putting together a pretty compelling soap opera. but what would really be awesome is a non-biased account of all of the issues at hand. shouldn’t the people be entitled to accurate knowledge, especially if these people are going to represent you?

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