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Yes, a lot happens across the board in this issue, but Final Crisis #6 is all about Batman. After the events of “Batman RIP,” the final (wink) fate of Batman as Bruce Wayne is revealed in Final Crisis #6. Yes, Batman survived the helicopter crash and subsequent capture by Darkseid. Yes, Batman confronts Darkseid in Denim for the big showdown. Equipped with the Radion laced bullet that killed Orion, Batman makes an once in a lifetime exception to his no fire arm rule. As Bruce Wayne’s entire crusade against evil started with a gun, he comes full circle faced with the embodiment of evil. Darkseid threatens Batman with the Omega Sanction, a cosmic beam that subjects the target to a series of worsening alternate lives, to which Batman replies with “Try me.” Darkseid in Denim blasts the Omega Sanction as Batman’s bullet connects, seemingly (but unlikely) killing the Fifth World God. With a knowing and accepting grin, Batman is struck by the beam. At the end of FC#6, Superman is seeing carrying a boney, charred body of Batman.

Now, though it may certainly appear as if Batman is dead following the sure to be iconic image of a burnt Bats, you can save the eulogy for later since the Omega Sanction doesn’t necessarily equate death. Grant Morrison’s entire run on Batman has pretty much been all about showing how awesome Bruce Wayne is. If anyone can survive a string of worsening alternate lives, it has to be Bruce Wayne. The most exciting thing about the whole event: how Bruce Wayne returns (because you know he will). If they play their cards right, this can make for some seriously cool comic book moments. IF they do it right.

The other high point of this issue for me was Tawky Tawny vs Kalibak. Thee end. Will Tawky Tawny lead the Tiger Army against the Justifiers?

I’ve been pretty optimistic about the series as a whole, but it worries me that there’s so much that needs to happen in a single issue. It’s almost like having a 5 second finale.

aand scene. See what Morrision has to say about the issue here.

End of the Year List: Comic Books
(criteria: personal favorites of books released in 2008)

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San Diego Comic-Con 2008 was a blast. it was entirely exhausting, but a blast nonetheless. like going to an amoeba records, but in comic form with the addition of cosplayed attendees. and a lot of free loot! lots of highlights to mention, but just like the event itself it would be overwhelming to try to mention them all.

one of the coolest parts of comic-con is being able to meet the writers and illustrators.

J.G. Jones was on hand to sign my copy of Wanted (probably most known now for being the loose basis of the movie starring angelina jolie and james mcavoy) along with my copies of Final Crisis #1 and #2 (DC’s big summer event and currently my most anticipated comic). his art is amazing. very nice guy.

i was really stoked to be able to see adrian tomine in person. current favorite comic artist. he drew a cool picture in my copy of “Shortcomings” in a matter of minutes. i attended his panel discussion where he gave some (very well spoken) insight on how he got started in the comic business.

got a copy of Action Comics #340, the first issue that superman villain, parasite was introduced. back in 1966, the comic sold for 12 cents. you can’t get anything for that price anymore!

picked up a copy of omega the unknown #5. the original series came out from marvel in the late 1970’s, about the mysterious alien hero title character, a 12 year old boy, and the strange relationship they have with the world. i’ve been reading the reboot of the title (2007) written by jonathan letham and illustrated by farel dalrymple (farel’s art is a great inspiration) so it was cool to have a copy of the original series.

i bought a bunch of other comics, but the fantagraphics booth really tested my self control over my wallet. fantagraphics puts out work from a bunch of great american comic authors and does it with smart and stylish packaging. picked up gilbert hernandez‘s “new tales of old palomar” and Kevin Huizenga’s “Ganges.” “Ganges” has got to be one my favorite comics in a long time. the storytelling comes from the heart. please read.

also great: mark todd‘s “bad ass” and “lame ass.” they are equally hilarious. example of a bad ass: darth vader. example of a lame ass: scrappy from scooby doo. so true.

side note: street fighter IV looks great.

mad magazine pointed out some likely scenes that you might find at comic-con, and it’s so true:

one last thing. congrats to “Laika” for winning an Eisner!

thanks to jmar for letting me tag along and for setting up the venture.

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