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so i should mention that after 5 minutes into the opening ceremonies, my initial doubts about this year’s olympic games quickly disappeared. i love the olympics, haha. first of all, i have to mention that the chinese people have been very gracious towards all the olympians. the fans in attendance at the china v. usa men’s basketball game cheered for every play, for both their home team and for team usa

and right now, the men’s 400m freestyle relay just ended. it was nuts! u.s. anchor jason lezak made a tremendous comeback to win his team the gold against the heavily favored french team. lezak definitely was the hero in this race, and i’m sure phelps is very happy with the result. i hear he’s going to melt down all his gold medals to make a life size statute of himself( not true). will he go 8 for 8? it sure looks like it.

(TIMOTHY CLARY / AFP/Getty Images)

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