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yes-, clark duke!

is it entirely redundant to say that this was amazing?

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“the dark knight” is coming out this friday and you know this already because a) you’ve been unlucky enough to hear all about it from me, or b) because of the amazing and extensive viral marketing campaign.

surprisingly though, a lot of people have no idea how extensive the marketing has been: dozens of websites, national scavenger hunts to uncover hints that lead to new hints, gotham newspapers. there was even a real campaign van that went to various cities urging citizens to vote for harvey dent.

you can check out the history of the viral campaign at or go to to visit the viral sites. remember when the very first image of heath ledger’s joker was released and we were all skeptical? and how now, we wouldn’t have it any other way? seems like so long ago!

Que Onda?

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