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“Do They Know It’s Hallowe’en?” is a satire parody aid song by an all star cast of musicians by The North American Hallowe’en Prevention Initiative (NAHPI). you can read all about it here and here, but it’s basically a fun song with gratuitous appearances by the likes of beck, devendra banhart, feist, islands, thurston moore of sonic youth, wolf parade, yeah yeah yeahs, and more (david cross). i find david cross’ contributions to be absolutely hilarious. tobias can do no wrong. here’s the video:

There’s also an amazing Halloween episode of Freaks and Geeks where the mother sings “The Monster Mash.” It’s gut wrenchingly humorous as it is heartwarming. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a clip online, so you’ll just have to watch the show some how.

every year there are less kids that trick or treat at our house. i think the trend is to go trick or treating at shopping centers now. do they know it’s halloween?

finally, there is nothing better than a peanuts tv special to lift one’s ghoulish spirits. happy halloween.

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