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by (Nessy, seasonally known as) Teen Wolf
intended to accompany GHOSTS

“Benny Uncovers a Mystery” is a compilation of home recordings by Nessy. they are headphone songs that we put together as a cd so we could pass copies out to our friends. if you haven’t received a copy yet, we’re working on getting them into your collective hands.

the cd is a collection of songs about love, songs about folk lore, and songs about love disguised as songs about folk lore. feel free to psychoanalyze the lyrics; ask us if you want to know what it’s all about.

Let me know if you would like a copy as always, feedback is appreciated.

Benny Uncovers a Mystery

Swamp Thing (mp3)

new song called, “swamp thing.” the lyrics are from an old children’s nursery rhyme about solomon grundy. goal was to make it sound like a new orleans ghost radio serial. i made a short frivolous clip for the song, just because i think images are interesting to look at. why do the wonder twins exist? click link above for full song.

to make good use of off days from work, allen and i took some pictures and shot some footage of the town. you know, trying to be productive slash creative. and to also make good use of my recently purchased macbook, i made a video of the footage to accompany a new song i wrote on the piano. it’s amazing how much nature is around you if you look for it. song is called “to have built in the air.” it’s titled after a thoreau quote, but i kind of think it should just be called “piano song #3” or something.

update: i’m going to call it “air (or piano song #3).”

recorded new songs. sonically more involved than in the past. titled, “I Awoke In the Morning Part I” and “I Awoke In the Morning Part II.” I like how Part II turned out. Please listen. Feedback appreciated.


I Awoke In the Morning Part I (mp3)

I Awoke In the Morning Part II (mp3)


Que Onda?

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