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text message from D: “they’re bringing back GUTS to tv!”

as a kid, i’ve always wanted to compete on GUTS, a competitive sports challenge show on the nickelodeon network from the early 90s. more specifically, it was all about conquering the aggro crag: the most extreme and angular man-made mountain known to…man. when the show ended in 95, i thought i’d missed my chance. but now in the year 2008, it returns as “My Family’s Got Guts.” who wants to make a family with me and compete and have a go at that unmovable behemoth?? or we could just watch the show and say, “i could do that in 5 seconds.”

a few sketches in preparation.

weekend: moved a bunch of furniture,
watched the lakers barely win,
moved more furniture.

now: watching 'dragon: the bruce lee story' on tv.

from Ghost Town (tentatively):






Que Onda?

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