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it was rad. 88 drummers performing an 88 minute composition, starting at 8:08PM on 08/08/08 at the la brea tar pits. led by japanese noise rock band Boredoms, the 88 drummers treated a couple hundred lucky angelinos to a thundering and memorable performance.

i mean, it was awesome. there was a circular stage with boredoms in the middle, and all the other drummers surrounded the platform with their drum kits. it was truly a trip to see so many drummers, a panoramic sprawl of drum kits at the tar pits. we sat down around the drummers in the park and just took in the primal beats.

it just sweeps you in like the ocean, like you’re waiting for a big wave to come. before you know it, you’re caught up in the soundscape until Eye raises his staff and the 88 drums crash in unison.

if the show ends up on dvd like the last one (77 Boadrum), it’s definitely worth checking out. very glad i got to check it out in person.

over a pint of guinness, billy urged me to watch a clip about christian the lion.  I know the clip is making its rounds now, but I just had to share it as well.  it made me cry, even with whitney houston singing over the clip.

to make good use of off days from work, allen and i took some pictures and shot some footage of the town. you know, trying to be productive slash creative. and to also make good use of my recently purchased macbook, i made a video of the footage to accompany a new song i wrote on the piano. it’s amazing how much nature is around you if you look for it. song is called “to have built in the air.” it’s titled after a thoreau quote, but i kind of think it should just be called “piano song #3” or something.

update: i’m going to call it “air (or piano song #3).”

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