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going to europe for a month.

12:04 AM Mar 4th from web

what if my keyboard was daft punk…
8:32 PM Mar 11th from web

upon finishing a left over foot long at 1AM: “I wish I could eat forever.”
1:04 AM Mar 13th from web
and that’s what she said.
1:04 AM Mar 13th from web

hamburglar: morally gray.
1:53 AM Mar 13th from web

2nd Friday the 13th in 2 months. 2fer!
10:35 AM Mar 13th from web

is patrick chewing on twitter?
12:00 AM Mar 16th from web

miss you, original pipettes line up.
6:50 PM Mar 16th from web

there is a gigantic swarm; nay, mass of bees in my yard. contrary to reports, the bees have not disappeared.
11:44 AM Mar 17th from web

on an unrelated note, this is my obligatory 3/17 quip: can’t wait for that celebratory pint of guinness after work.
12:03 PM Mar 17th from web

barry is funny.
11:57 PM Mar 19th from web

10:39 PM Mar 23rd from web

was admiring a roadrunner in my backyard for its gentle grace. then it ate a baby lizard. It’s the circle of life (via Elton John)
12:00 PM Mar 24th from web

is totally geeking out about his new Swingline LongReach Stapler.
11:24 PM Mar 25th from web

I’m going to be Max from “Where the Wild Things Are” for halloween. Or maybe just for fridays.
10:23 AM Mar 26th from web

btw halloween costume idea is unrelated to the new movie coming out. If I were to capitalize on movie characters, then Troy Bolton of course
10:36 AM Mar 26th from web

what would happen to your twitter feed if robin williams twittered?
7:19 PM Mar 26th from web

what planet did prince come from?
12:37 AM Mar 27th from web

My friends have requested (demanded) that I build a pirate ship or a castle in my backyard. Done.
5:10 PM Mar 29th from web

thinks his singing has improved ever since he adopted the vocal stylings of Count Dracula.
10:26 AM Mar 30th from web

Que Onda?

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