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morning after 3AM flood evacuation.


can you believe it’s month two of two thousand and eight already? believe it, sister.

a couple points:

1) thank you all for the birthday wishes. i am humbled and grateful. we are all superconnected and it pleases me to believe so. please drink responsibly.

2) upon returning from japan, my mother handed me a “5 Years Diary,” a gift for me entrusted to her by my grandmother in kagoshima. the diary literally is to chronicle the significant daily occurrences from 2008 to 2012. 2012! does that not sound like the future, or what? it will actually be quite interesting to read 5 years from now, what i deemed to be ‘significant’ enough to write down on the diary.

somedays as you can imagine, are so full of significant events that i can’t decide on what to write down.

and what i really mean is that, sometimes so little happens in my day, that i even contemplate writing down items like, ” I vacuumed today.”

[items 3~5 deleted]
6) remember to vote! as recent polling results shows, your vote does counts. the president is responsible for making decisions that affect your life on the domestic front as well as the lives of countless others in the global community. so let’s do our part in choosing the candidate that can make things right. you won’t die if you don’t, but it can help.


7) diddy is ridiculous and should not be given the power of authority.

Que Onda?

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