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real stories from working at an elementary school.


2 part mini-comic, GHOSTS is now up on the Comics page. The mini-comics are intended to accompany the song, Paper Moon, Paper Thief. The storyline in a nut shell:

“yeah well basically it’s about you know a guy who is . . .so ugly that he can only come out once a year and feel normal. because you know, he’s different from everyone else.” (summary by Allen’s Mom)


The title for “Paper Moon, Paper Thief” references the this 1933 song.

The lyrics reference songs from these years: 1969, 1954.

“Paper Moon, Paper Thief” references a guitar riff from this 1959 song.

On the last page of GHOSTS (1 of 2), there is a picture referencing this song about werewolves.

The cover design for the comics was loosely inspired by this Hitchcock film poster.

a few sketches in preparation.


statistics show that self made avatars and caricatures are often drawn 20 to 30% more attractive than in reality.

Que Onda?

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