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major eprops to kuci/asuci for the event: “Irvine proved to be one of the coolest spots on the tour.” that kind of praise almost NEVER happens. cheers.

BEST SPORTS MASCOT: Peter the Anteater

UC Irvine’s anteater mascot is the laziest, mopiest, most indifferent-looking mascot we’ve seen in OC. In short: He’s perfect for college. With a look of glazed insouciance, the usually yellow-hued cartoon anteater, known as Peter the Anteater, is captured in midstride on all official university vehicles. But there are two actual Peter costumes floating around. One is tough, with angular, raccoony eyes and a mostly black-and-gray colo scheme; it’s this one that’s reserved for games. The second sports sunglasses and a huge-yet-creepy grin – and is usually seen wandering Ring Road (the campus’ main drag of sorts) to promote something or another, encasing a poor Student Assciation member stuck with the job of peering out from behind the teeth.

Sure, Peter the Anteater’s not tough like a Bruin, Neptune, or Trojan, and he’s not quite as quirky as the Banana Slug, but Peter the Anteater says, “Zot”which is supposed to be the sound anteaters make when they lick up ants. Fight on, wha?

(Quick excerpt from the OC Weekly’s annual “Best of OC” issue, p.70)

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